Report Card

Report Card 2007

Breakfast for Learning’s Report Card on Nutrition for School Children looks at parent’s perception of what their children and youth are consuming.

In 2007, the Report Card scored Canadian children and adolescents a “D” when it came to meeting the recommendations of the new 2007 Canada’s Food Guide (as per their parent’s perception).

The 2007 Report Card asked parents to give their opinion on how well their children and adolescents (aged 4 to 18) met the recommended number of daily servings of Vegetables and Fruit, Milk and Alternatives and Grain Products. The study found that parents reported that children and adolescents of all ages are doing well when it comes to milk and milk alternatives, but there are serious areas of concern.

  • Only 50% are getting the minimum number of servings per day of Vegetables and Fruit
  • 75% are not meeting the new Canada’s Food Guide recommendations for Grain Products
  • 28% are eating French fries 2 or more times a week

In addition, the 2007 Report Card shows that healthy food habits decline as kids age and the regional differences across the country still persist.

Download the full Report Card on child nutrition (2007) and Tips to Ensure Children Eat Well to Learn Well.

Breakfast for Learning can help kids eat well to learn well. Include kids in menu-planning, pack nutritious lunches, and have pre-cut veggies in the fridge for after-school snacking. For more helpful tips on healthy eating, check out our child nutrition education research and resources.